Lash out with this Hourglass mascara. One thing I know a little bit about is lashes. I do feel lucky that I have been blessed with long, dark lashes...so I have been on the hunt to accent my favorite feature. I really think ive found it. I got myself the trial at sephora of every brand known to man and i tried them all. This one by far exceeded the rest. It goes on clean not clumpy and it leaves a nice feathery finish. Try it, I think you will like it. 

These are my new favorite candles. They burn so clean, smell sooooo good and really infuse the room with yumminess. The Avocado and Oil has the essence of lemon, tomato and herbs. I think it is the perfect everyday smell for any room. I have it in my living room and think it is rich and herby. The other yummy fragrance is anjou pear and sandalwood. Seriously, this is amazing. I have it in both the bedroom and bathroom. I cant get enough of it. They are made my NEST fragrances. You can get them online at candleluxury.com, but i got them at TJMAXX for $7.50. I'm obsessed.

Seriously!!! I have never experienced something like this in my life. One spray on damp hair and it took half the time to blow dry, it was so smooth, not greasy and i didnt need to add any other products. I got it at ULTA. Its amazing, im still shocked!

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