To Flea or not to Flea

This saturday is the Pittsburgh Flea and I am going to give it a go. I pulled ideas for how i would like my table to look, but its going to be trial and error. I have hang tags, packaging (brown bags that i stamped my logo on), chalkboard signage, vintage crates and hardware boxes from my 78 year old neighbor. I'm making scarf pillows, greeting cards and pulling together years and years of hunting and gathering lovely things. I hope it is a success. http://pittsburghflea.com/


  1. Good luck at the Flea, it sounds like a delight! I'm moving to Pittsburgh soon and am loving that there are great things happening like this in the city.

  2. Thanks! It was fun setting it up, however the turnout was less than expected. It was the first time, so hopefully it will get better. Welcome to the burgh when you get here!



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