Lead to Greatness

I couldn't believe my eyes...these amazing pencils were transformed by Brazilian born carpenter Dalton Ghetti. He creates these miniature masterpieces on the tips of pencils, can you believe it? He works as a carpenter, and has been making his tiny graphite works for about 25 years starting his craft in grade school. He uses sewing needles, blades and special carving knives to transform these works of art. There is so much time and patience in each of these, the alphabet too 2.5 years to complete. Mind blowing.


Me & The Bee at the Flea

Last Saturday was the pittsburgh Flea and my first attempt at selling my second-hand treasures in this type of venue. It was a good time and the rain stayed away. Thanks for all who attended and who were inspired to buy things.


To Flea or not to Flea

This saturday is the Pittsburgh Flea and I am going to give it a go. I pulled ideas for how i would like my table to look, but its going to be trial and error. I have hang tags, packaging (brown bags that i stamped my logo on), chalkboard signage, vintage crates and hardware boxes from my 78 year old neighbor. I'm making scarf pillows, greeting cards and pulling together years and years of hunting and gathering lovely things. I hope it is a success. http://pittsburghflea.com/

A Good Attitude...

Chocolates with attitude...Denmark-based Bessermachen DesignStudio plus Henrik Konnerup equals heaven. The chocolates were produced by Konnerup, 12,000 pieces of artisanal chocolates were each handmade and individually wrapped. Flavors range from chocolate with lavender to dark chocolate with curry and pistachio. For all 12,000 pieces, 12 different designs were created. Each box reflecting the identify of the chocolate. Chocolates with Attitude is being hailed as a collector’s item. I want some now!


Pretty Plastic Wrap

Wow, Wigs made from plastic wrap, give leftovers a whole new meaning. They were originally designed for a Tiffanys & Co. window display by Kate Cusack, then re-used in this photoshoot by Kristiina Wilson. One year for Halloween, I embellished a wig with plastic wrap to be the Snow Miser, these put that to shame. These are so weird and cool I cant stop looking at them. Enjoy.


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