Flora & Fauna

Beauty and sadness. These are a series of iron sculptures representing animals that have been endangered due to iron extraction in Brazil, which is apparently one of the biggest producers of iron ore. Each sculpture is the exact size and the weight of the real animal. Check out Marco Ugolini for more of his work. www.jesuismonreve.org and http://vimeo.com/17406761


Painted Ladies...

I love this ELLE editorial from 1967. It was illustrated by the amazing Antonio Lopez. In the early 1960s, Lopez began to free-lance for fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Andy Warhol’s Interview. I saw this on Trendland. Check it out for more pics of his work. Gotta love the 60s.


Singing in the Rain...

Okay, last week I was convincing myself that the rain was good for making everything so green and beautiful, but this week, I am officially over it. According the onion, the rain that was told to go away is back! So, i decided to do a tribute to it and found these awesome sculptures made from umbrellas. The first was in London. The next three were made from broken umbrellas by Jean Shin. The last one was in Vegas. Enjoy

A Stitch in Time...or Vogue

I am fascinated by these lovely embroidered Vogue covers and fashion editorials by Inge Jacobsen. In her artist statement she states that her work is an "intervention into found images through embroidery, cutting, and collaging." They are insane and i cant stop looking at them. I thought the most recent hook rug i was working on was a feat. Yes, I bought a 70s hook rug template of a rose that I plan on making a pillow out of! There is so much more work of hers to see...I love it. www.ingejacobsen.comThis is also featured on Trendland.


Parks and Recreation.

Yesterday I went to the park for some recreation and conversation and saw some amazing sites. Pretty trees, fun illustrations of little woodland creatures, a drawn cobweb, a twig canopy, a tiny frog and an acorn hat perfect for a dandelion puff.


Here comes the sun...

Madewell has some new looks to love and Behati looks so cool in all of them. Perfect plaids and cute cargos all pulled together with a fedora and fringe jacket. I want them all and love these pics from fashiongonerogue. xxx

A Series of Small Collections

Wow, why didn't I think of this? These are so sweet...A Series of Small Collections, a set by jessicanaples on Flickr. Also featured in Trendland.


Hat's off...

Hat's off to Touch Concept Store...I wish I was going to NYC again this weekend so I could see this pop up store. A couple weeks ago Touch Concept Store curated by Trendland, opened a store for the Yestadt Millinery. It's still going on until May 14th and seems so cool. I love, love, love the braided rope illustrations by Claire Duport. See more photos at Global Fashion Report.


I scream for ice cream.

Okay, Spring is here and its time for ice cream or gelato. I had a double rainbow moment at the L'Arte DelGelato in NYC and i cant stop thinking about it. Anyway, it made me think of these pretty pics of ice cream looking oh, so fashionable.

Lara Stone by Horst Diekgerdes: AnOther Magazine Spring 2007
Karlie Kloss by Alasdair McLellan: Vogue UK, May 2010
Coco Rocha by Arthur Elgort: Vogue Nippon August 2008


May Flowers

April showers bring May flowers, but the rain in May has made it a little tough to appreciate them. Finally today the sun is out and the I can finally see its SPRING!


Old Friends & New Friends

I had an amazing weekend in NYC with some old friends and an adorable new friend. Great Coffee, Great Friends, Adorable Baby, Wine, Brooklyn Flea, Rooftop Terrace, Taxis, Too much food, Peoples Pops, Keste Pizza, Gelato, Freemans, Following Balloons and so much more. xo


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